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    [HOW]Starting your own DM gamemode



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    [HOW]Starting your own DM gamemode

    Post  gazmull on Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:53 pm

    Hi Smile

    I'm gonna show how to make DM gamemode! Very Happy

    First of all, You need:
    *SA-MP Server-Package download link here
    *Know some PAWNO language
    *Common Sense

    This is the first tut for sa-mp scripting in this forum, well i'm gonna explain what is PAWNO.
    Basically, PAWNO is almost like C++, hard to learn about 'em but if you can understand what is C++, you'll understand PAWNO easily.

    CURSES! I cannot understand PAWNO and C++ languages! Show me an example please?
    You should learn how to understand PAWNO and C++ languages here:

    Understand? [Answer here]

    Oh great, we'll proceed in making DM gamemode! Very Happy

    First of all you need spawn points:
    -Run the samp-server.exe and then run samp client and enter[port], Example my port is 1337 so i will put

    -Great, now if you spawn.. then search for a place that is compatible for your gamemode(example i want LVDM then search for a place in LV).

    I have selected a place where i want players to spawn! What would i do?
    -Great, now press ` key or t or f6 then type /save [comment (needed?)].
    -After saving some positions, exit the game by typing /q or /quit.
    -Go to My documents\GTA User Files\SAMP\ then search for savedpositions.txt and you should see your saved positions there.

    Done? [Answer here]

    Oh great! Now open your pawno.exe which is located at pawno folder in SAMP server package folder.
    Press 'new' button then there must be a bunch of codes appeared.

    Erase all of the codes there except
    #include <a_samp>
    public OnGameModeInit()

    Then the rest of the tutorial will be here:

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