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    TM text & calls Promo: UNLICOMBO, ASTIGTAWAG20, SULITTAWAG and more!


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    TM text & calls Promo: UNLICOMBO, ASTIGTAWAG20, SULITTAWAG and more!

    Post  ^_lilmhack_^ on Sat Feb 04, 2012 12:08 am

    Call Promos


    15 minutes to all networks (TM/Globe, Smart/TNT, Sun Cellular) valid for 24 hours.
    To Avail the promo text ASTIGTAWAG20 or ASTIGTAWAG 20 and send to 8888

    • Minimum required balance to register is P20.00
    • Registration is valid for 24 hours
    • Does not require any maintaining balance
    • Call less than 1 minute will be considered as 1 minute
    • The call will automatically end after the 15th minute and subscriber must register again to enjoy the special rate.
    • If subscriber consumed 15 minutes call before the 24 hours expiry, he/she may register again by textingASTIGTAWAG20 to 8888. However, subscriber has to opt-out first prior to registration by textingASTIGTAWAG OFF to 8888.
    • The consumable 15 minutes may be used to call other mobile networks. TM AstigTawag calls does not apply to landline calls. Regular rate to landline will apply.
    • ASTIGTAWAG20 cannot co-exist with the following services:


    • Subscribers may still use TM text offers while subscribed to ASTIGTAWAG20.
    TODO TAWAG 15/15

    Unlimited calls from 11pm to 6am to TM/Globe numbers for Php15.
    To avail this promo dial 800+10-digit TM or Globe cellphone number.
    Example: 800-9271234567. (Note: If your call does not reach 15 minutes, you will still be charged P15.)

    Unlimited call and text for 3 days to Globe/TM for P100.
    To subscribe, text: ASTIGUNLI100 to 2824.
    To use the unlimited call for ASTIGUNLI, dial: 807 + 10-digit TM/Globe number.

    P5 for a 3-minutes call to TM/Globe number.
    No Need to register Simply add 806 to the 10-digit TM/Globe number.
    Example: 8069273388689 ( Calls that are less than 3 minutes will still be charged P5.00 )

    P5 only for additional 3minutes of calls to TM and Globe subscribers.
    To avail text DAGDAGCALL to 8888.
    TEXT Promos


    P15 for 150 SMS to all networks, good for 1 day
    To avail text ASTIGTXTALL send to 8888.

    For only P5 only you can have a 25 texts to TM/GLOBE.
    To avail text SULITXT5 send to 8888

    Unlimited texting to TM/Globe for only P10 pesos.
    Text ASTIGTXT10 to 8888

    Additional 10 text to all networks.
    Text DAGDAGTXT to 8888

    10pm to 5pm unlimited calls and 24 hours of unlimited texting to TM/Globe.
    UNLICOMBO Valid for 1 day (P20 pesos)
    UNLICOMBO100 Valid for 7 days (P100 pesos)
    To avail text UNLICOMBO to 2824 (1 day) or UNLICOMBO100 to 2824 (7 days)
    *Text UNLICOMBO HELP to 2824 for free.
    Stop TMCOMBO15
    TMREW (space) OFF to 8888

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