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    [Release]CHAMS HACK PACK



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    [Release]CHAMS HACK PACK

    Post  sethdavid1 on Tue Nov 01, 2011 6:29 am

    Crossfire Phillipines Wallhack v.03
    Status:Undetected(October 21,2011)

    Download Links
    PerX Injector : pbsfg5icfvk
    .DLL : ez7vgksqme69qpc

    New Download Link
    Attach Below

    Num1 = box
    num2 = no sky
    num3 = no smoke
    num4 = white player
    num5 = wire world
    num6 = player frames
    num7 = skeleton
    num8 = no gun
    num9 = no fog
    f2 = no water
    f3 = no bullet
    f4 = no light object
    f5 = no players
    f6 = make your self black
    f7 = only see other player

    Instruction same pa rin po:
    1. Open PerX.exe

    2.What To inject "crossfire.exe

    3.Browse The DLL

    4.Start Crossfire

    6.pindut nio lang ok lalabas pagkatapos ng loading ng patch

    7.Go ingame

    8.Done Happy Wallhacking

    Thanks overdrive for a part of the engine source
    Thanks For Merbling For Testing A Hack

    Credits To ^_^

    Proud To be a member of

    Press Thanks if I helped you out...

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