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    GNSY Dota Tool

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    GNSY Dota Tool

    Post  syrshen on Mon Sep 05, 2011 3:43 pm

    GNSY Dota Tool

    Description :

    This program can make your dreams come true.
    Faster window switching while playing warcraft. (because of window mode)
    Quick Messaging.
    Easy access to adjusting mouse speed (if you're in internet cafes and control panel is disabled, you can use this)
    Customizable Hotkeys

    Screen Shot :

    right click the icon to see the menu.

    double click the icon to run Warcraft3 or toggle the Warcraft3 window from maximized or restored state.

    Shortcuts :

    [Ctrl] + [INSERT] will run Warcraft3 or toggle the window from maximized or restored state.

    [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Spacebar] will toggle minimize/restore for warcraft3.

    " DEFAULT " Inventory hotkey

    [Alt] + Q = Numpad 7
    [Alt] + W = Numpad 8
    [Alt] + A = Numpad 4
    [Alt] + S = Numpad 5
    [Alt] + Z = Numpad 1
    [Alt] + X = Numpad 2

    hotkeys below are not inventory hotkeys, I just added these for me but you guys might find it useful as well.

    [Alt] + E = O button (the hotkey to add skills)
    [Alt] + D = Escape button
    [Alt] + C = U button (to add stats)

    Garena Shortcuts

    Ctrl + enter will add a random number at the end of your chat to allow spamming of invites

    /f = /find

    -c or -clear will clear the chatlog
    Escape will also clear the chatlog

    middle clicking on a person will tunnel

    middle clicking on a buddy will trace

    middle clicking on a room name will try to join

    ctrl clicking on a room will auto click
    escape to cancel it.

    Download Link :

    GNSY DOTA tool

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